Meta Data Profile

The rev="made" relationship has been used to identify the author or "maker" of an HTML document. Example: <link rev="made" href="" />
see also : INTERNET DRAFT Hypertext links in HTML
The meta relationship identifies a hypertext link to a node which contains meta-information related to the currentdocument. Example: <link rel="meta" href="rss.rdf" />
see also : INTERNET DRAFT Hypertext links in HTML
The hatena relationship identifies in order to tell the display method of the contents of updating to the hatena antenna. Exsample: <meta name="hatena" content="difflength=1000" />
see also : ロボット拒否ページについて2 - 更新内容の非表示設定について
The icon relationship identifies a shortcut icon to current document or current site. Example: <link rel="icon" href="img/icon.png" type="image/png" />
The bbs relationship idetifies a hyper link to Bulletin Board System.
Refers to a document whose contents do not necessarily follow in any way from the topic or themes of the current document. This type of relationship is typically expressed within a document that includes hypertext content whose origin is unknown or untrusted. Example: <a rel="nofollow">foo</a>
The ring relationship identifies a hyper link to ring with which current site has participated.
the random_ring relatioship identifies a rondom hyper link to Hatena::Ring.
The next_ring ralationship identifies a next hyper link to Hatena::Ring.
The prev_link relationsship identifies a pervious hyper link to Hatena::Ring.
The search relationship identifies a hyper link to OpenSearch Autodiscovery description file.
see also : > OpenSearch > OpenSearch 1.1: Description
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